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How to Book Online Appointment for Istiqdam via Abshir Account MOI

Procedure to Book Online Istiqdam Appointment


If you are applying for permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia or any other visas in Saudi Arabia then you must know about the appointment with Jawazat in Istaqdam in advance which can save your time at the time when you reached at Jawazat for visa process.


This appointment with Jawazat in Istadam is set through Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia website.

How to Book Online Appointment for Istiqdam via Abshir Account MOI

Documents required for Istiqam office

  • The Istiqdam form which should be attested and signed by your company and COC (the camber of commerce)
  • A letter about your salary from your company which should be written in Arabic. This letter about salary should be attested by your employer and COC (the camber of commerce). This letter should also includes other basic information like transportation, house allowances and basic salary etc.
  • Although you need to be registered with MOI Abshir online. You can create MOI Abshir account easily which does not cost you anything. see also : New Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia on All Categories

Procedure to book an appointment with Istiqdam

Step 1: Login to your MOI Abshir account.


Step 2: From the above menu, select E-Services.

Step 3: From left menu,  select expatriate Affairs.


Step 4: On this page you will see option to “book an appointment” Click on it.

Step 5: Go to “Process to services” option.


Step 6: On this page you will see options to book an online appointment. Select your region and reason for the appointment. If you are booking appointment for permanent family visa then select option “Apply recruiting resident family” option and click next button.


Step 7: On new page, you will able to see available appointment. Select the one you want to book your appointment.


Step 8: The website will show you the requirement documents. Confirm appointment details option.


Step 9: Print out the appointment and take this with your on selected date to Istiqdam office.


  • fasih

    There are no appointments available from last 4 days

    • try 8am to 12am morning maybe you will get it. try every 20mints.

      • Noorul Zaman

        I have been trying it everyday for last 2 week and have lost hope. Only thing i see always is “no appointments available ”

        • Hi Mr. Zaman, if you not get online, visit istadam office out side many small office who will help you to about this matter, he know which time appointment open and then he will take appointment for you.

          • Muhammad Sheeraz

            i am not getting the online istiqdam appointment plz guide me that how can i take istiiqdam appointment for Riyadh. my no is 0535345645

        • Muhammad Sheeraz

          brother can you tell me can i take appointment of istiqdam office out side small office or not. bcs now a days i am applying but ans is that there is no appointments. plz guide me my no is 0535345645

      • DrAmbreen Omer

        please can you tell me if iqama validity is less than 90 days can we apply for permanent visa via istiqdam

        • Hi Miss Ambreen,

          No you can not apply, he reject your application.

  • DrAmbreen Omer

    Asalamoalaikum …as if iqama validity is less than 90 days can we apply for permanent family visa please reply

  • Abu Asim

    assalam alaikum – can any one please suggest about Riyadh appointment time 0534869196

    • Addu

      Did u booked the appointment?

  • Hafeez

    Dear All,,,
    Please update me when Riyadh istiqdam office appointment will open,,
    059 6500187

    • Addu

      Got the appointment??

  • Samiullaenator (Sami)

    Assalam O alaikum,
    Today I got an Appointment at Riyadh Istiqdam Office on 24/04/217….(April 2017)
    Is it the normal that I got appointment after 6 weeks ?
    Do I get little Early ? what is the other way to get it early date?
    Pls suggest which is better?

  • Mohammed Azam

    please add me riyadh group 00966544109356

  • Abrar Bajwa

    Please add me to Dammam Istaqdam group. +966533660178

  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    plz add me in riyadh istaqdam group

  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    plz share your comments for Riyadh istiqdam appointments 0535345645

  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    still no appointments for riyadh istiqdam office anyone has any update then plz share 0535345645

  • Muhammad Hassaan


    I had the appointment on 18th-June-17, but Istiqdam office was closed due to late announcement of eid holidays from 16th-June-17. Will Istiqdam office entertain me if i will go with the same appointment on 09th-July-17???

  • Muhammad Hassaan

    Dear All,,,
    Please add me on Riyadh Istiqdam appointment group. My no. is 0581085457