Oyster Island Yanbu, Saudi Arabia – Best Place to Visit in Yanbu


If you want to get hold of the complete details and information about this “Oyster Island Yanbu” then here you go. You should be having this information that this Yanbu is one of the major and prominent Red sea ports and it is located and situated in Al Madinah.


This island is located in Yanbu and you should be visiting it because it is all encompassed with the amazing sites and views. It is one of the magical islands by far. It is a sandy beach and it is quite a perfect place to relax yourself. It is all a sandy one. It is a simple looking beach but you will be able to feel lots of calm and peace on this beach.

Oyster Island Yanbu, Saudi Arabia


This island is not a resort, it is a sandy sort of beach and people love to make a visit of this beach. If you want to do some BBQ party, if you want to have a private talk with your partner, if you want to spend some time alone then this is the island all made for you. It is a peaceful and most calm island and you will love its aroma and environment by being the part of this beach. Here you will be able to know that why should you visit this island, this island is a magical one.

Oyster Island Yanbu

Why should you visit this Oyster Island Yanbu?

  • This island is a special one because it is a perfect place to have a chit chat session. It is the best one outing place. Though it is a sandy island but it manages look the most marvelous one.
  • You can call it as one of the prominent sites of this place. Here on this island, you will enjoy the sunset and sunrise scenes, you can sit at the sunset beach. All of these sunset and sunrise scenes looks the most mesmerizing one.
  • It is a sandy beach and it is without a doubt best one and most suitable for the swimming activities and also for the camping activities. You can carry out your fishing activities on this sandy beach.
  • This island is all surrounded and covered with the BBQ facilities. You will love its lighting and colors at the evening and night time.
  • Just feel the sand texture of this island, feel its aroma and environment, feel its lights and colors at the dark time and you will then fall in love with this sandy beach.

Oyster Island Yanbu- Do visit this sandy beach

You should pack your bags now and visit this sandy beach as soon as possible. It is an excellent and tempting looking beach. If you want to praise its beauty then you should be stepping into this beach. Praise its beauty because this sandy beach and an island is all waiting for you. Spend some time here and it will then become your favorite spot. Go out with your friends and make some memories.

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Oyster Island, Yanbu Al Sinaiyah, Yanbu Saudi Arabia

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