How To Renew Pakistani Passport in Jeddah Consulate, Saudi Arabia


If you are a Pakistani and living in Saudi Arabia then you must know the importance of renewal of your passport.


In case if you fail to renew your Pakistani passport on time then you will be consider illegal in Saudi Arabia. Following I am sharing complete process of how to renew Pakistani passport from Jeddah consulate in Saudi Arabia.

Renew Pakistani Passport in Jeddah Consulate, Saudi Arabia


When to Renew Pakistani Passport in Saudi Arabia

A passport can be only renewed in Saudi Arabia if the validity of passport is less than one year. The Jeddah Consulate does not renew a Pakistani passport if the validity of passport is more than one year. see also : How To Transfer Family Under Your Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

Documents required to Renew Pakistani Passport

You need the photocopies of following documents including original documents as well:

  • Original Iqama with two photocopies
  • Original NIC with two photocopies
  • Pakistani passport with two photocopies

Procedure to renew Pakistani passport Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Step 1: You have to make an appointment in advance with Pakistani Consulate in Jeddah. This could be done online through Pakistani Consulate Jeddah website. You can also take appointment via call by calling to their tool free number 08111081412 or the consulate landline number 012-6692371 at extension 242.


Step 2: Reach at the “Pakistani Consulate Jeddah” on provided date and take token from the counter. Mention there that you came for the renewal of your passport.

Step 3: Pay the passport renewal fee which is SR 135 for 5 years and SR 240 for 10 years. This is standard fee to “renew Pakistani passport in jeddah”, Saudi Arabia. You need to pay extra fee if you want an urgent renewal of your passport of more than 36 pages on your passport.

Step 4: The officials at your relevant counter will tell you some instruction. Follow them as they told you. Your will be assigned with a counter on the bases of your token number. These process includes photo section, finger prints and verification of your identity etc.

Step 5: After completing the process, you will be given a receipt which you need to show when you collect your new passport on given date. similar : How to Add New Born Baby Under Your Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Processing time to renew Pakistani passport

It takes about 30 days in general where 20 days in case if you have applied for urgent.

Address: 19 ابراهيم الطاسان, N 17 E 7 Sector, Mushrefah، Jeddah 23332

Google Map:

Time : Morning 8AM to 4PM.

Tip :

There are hundreds of people every day at Pakistan Jeddah Consulate who came for different tasks including renewal of their passport. So, it may take you number of hours to wait in line for your appointment. If you want to save your time, then take an appointment after prayer at 1 PM and reached there at the same time because there would be very few people after prayer as compare to morning and your work will be done within minutes.

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