What to do if Passport Lost in Saudi Arabia


Before reading this article make sure your passport has been lost not misplaced. Look at your house once again. It is always difficult to live abroad. You always have to keep many documents with you all time. The worst thing that can happen with expatriate is when he lost his passport. But don’t worry we will guide you and help you in this situation. see also : Mom/ Mother in Law Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia


Today, we will guide you what you have to do when you lost your passport and how to get the new one. Every country has different procedure, we will guide you what to do if you lost your “passport in Saudi Arabia”. If you are leaving in another country then this article is not for you. So lets start the procedure. check also : How to Bring Your Mother in Saudi Arabia – Permanent Visa

What to do if Passport Lost in Saudi Arabia


Report to Police

Visit your nearer police station to report police about your lost passport. Tell all story to them that how you have lost your passport. If you can’t speak Arabic then take a person with you who can speak good Arabic language. If your Kafeel (Sponsor) has lost your passport then don’t tell police about that (Recommended). Even if it has been stolen just tell police that you have lost it. Take a copy of police report from police station. see also : How to Get Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia

Advertise in Newspaper and share on Social Media

Advertisement in local newspapers about your lost passport. Give your contact details in it and a soft copy of your passport. Charges of advertisement is SR.100. It is suggested that you should post advertisement in English newspaper so that everyone can understand it.


You can also do a post of your lost networking on social networking websites (classified website  and facebook groups) and ask people to share it so that more and more people can read. You should also do advertisement in Arabic newspaper because not everyone in Saudi Arabia knows English. check also : How to Get Lost Driving License in Saudi Arabia


How to Get New passport in Saudi Arabia?


  • Police report copy.
  • Copy of your Iqama.
  • Copy of Passport that has been lost.
  • Fee.
  • Newspaper in which you posted advertisement of your lost passport.

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Now we will guide you that what you have to do get the new passport. You have to visit Embassy or Consulate of your country. For instance if you are Egyptian then you have to visit Embassy of Egypt. Your embassy will process the information and complete the required work. They will give you a slip which have date mentioned on it. On this date you have to collect your new passport from your embassy. similar : How to get New Iqama if your Iqama Lost or Stolen?

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