Performing Hajj without Tasreeh or Hajj Permit 2016


To perform Hajj 2016, you need to have a legal Hajj permit or Tasreeh. Saudi government issue tasreeh to their local residents and Saudi citizen if they want to perform Hajj. Performing Hajj without Hajj permit is illegal in Saudi Arabia where it could also cause you heavy fine and ban to perform Hajj in future.


Performing Hajj without Tasreeh or Hajj Permit


The purpose of issuing Hajj permit or Tasreeh is to keep control over the population of pilgrimages. It is not possible for government of KSA to issue Hajj permit or all everyone to perform Hajj every year due to lack of space. This rule is not a new rule but still there are thousands of pilgrimage has been arrested every year who are performing Hajj without tasreeh or Hajj permit. For this purpose, The number of security member has been increased, whose duty is to caught those who are performing Hajj without Tasreeh.

A local resident of Saudi Arabia, including those who came from other country for business and employment purpose has restriction to perform Hajj after a specific number of years which are five years. You can check Hajj Eligibility Online to confirm whether you are eligible to perform Hajj or not.

File and punishment for performing Hajj without Tasreeh or Hajj Permit:

Performing Hajj without Tasreeh or Hajj permit is illegal but punishment for this illegal activity is different for different people which is depend on the nature of case but generally the punishment for performing Hajj without Tasreeh or Hajj permit is as followed:

  • Saudi citizens will be penalized with heavy fine while there is also ban on them to perform Hajj for specific number of years.
  • Expatriates will be deport to their home countries and they will be ban to travel to Saudi Arabia for 10 years from that date.

Some pilgrimages who has Hajj permit may safe this issue if they did not confirm the legal status of Hajj company from where they got their Tasreeh. So make sure to check that your Hajj Tasreeh Confirmation and Genuine or Fake. Read our Hajj Registration Process for Saudi Local Pilgrims to keep yourself safe from any punishment and perform Hajj with full holy spirit.

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