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How to Bring Your Mother in Saudi Arabia – Permanent Visa

What is the Process, Which Documents Required, How to Apply, Where you go, all details


Bringing your mother or mother in law to Saudi Arabia could be bit challenging because there are many rules which need to be followed while not all mothers and mother in law are eligible for the family reunion visa in Saudi Arabia. see also : How to Get Dubai Visa for GCC Residents Online (Saudi Iqama Holders)


Following I am sharing the detailed procedure to apply for Saudi Arabia visa for your mother. This is not a visit visa process for your mother but permanent visa for your mother or mother in law.

How to Bring Your Mother in Saudi Arabia on Dependent Visa

While we have only mentioned “mother” in the following process but the same procedure will be apply if you want to bring your mother in law to Saudi Arabia.

Note: The same process could be used to bring your sister in Saudi Arabia as well on Dependent Visa

Requirements to bring your Mother/ Mother in Law/Sister in Saudi Arabia:

  • Your mother should be divorced or widow or could be both
  • You should be the only son who is sole bread winner to your mother
  • On your passport, the name of your father or mother should be mentioned
  • Your mother should have a valid passport with at least 6 month expire date
  • You should have valid Iqama in Saudi Arabia issued under a profession
  • Under your sponsorship, your family eg. wife should have resident permit (iqama) in Saudi Arabia. check also : How to Extend Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Documents required to bring your Mother/Mother in Law/Sister in Saudi Arabia:

Istaqdam application for mother visa:

Filled Istaqdam application. This form can be only filled in Arabic language and should contain all the required information.

Letter from Employer:

A letter from your employer or sponsor to Isteqdam office. This letter should mentioned all details about your including Iqama details, salary, passport and family Iqama details etc. This letter also state that who will bear the living expenses of your mother when she reached in Saudi Arabia. This letter should be attested by Chamber of Commerce.

Visa fee receipt:

The visa fee to bring your mother in Saudi Arabia is SR 2000. You can pay this fee through online banking like Al Rajhi bank, NCB etc. check also : How To Refund Money from Moi.gov.sa

Print from MOI website:

You also need to have the print copy of your visa fee. You can get this through your MOI account by going to E-services > Diwan > Public query available.

Your Iqama and your family members Iqama copies:
Copies of your family members Iqama and copies of your own valid Iqama. Your Iqama should have the stamp of your company. see also : How Much Fine or Jail if you Caught without Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Your passport copies:

Copies of your present and expired passport if there is any. These copies should have the pages where any visa to other countries including KSA has been issued. check also : How to Apply for Family Visit Visa Online in Saudi Arabia

Your family members passport copies:

The copies of your family members passport including the copies of their expired passports. These copies should have the pages where any visa to other countries including KSA has been issued. see also : Renew Pakistani Passport Online in 15 Minutes

Your mother’s passport copies:

The copies of your mother’s passport including the copies of their expired passports. These copies should have the pages where any visa to other countries including KSA has been issued. see also : How to Check Saudi Arabia Visa Status (Enjaz)

Your original educational certificates:

These certificates should be attested by universities located in country’s Federal Ministry of Education and Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Embassy to your home country, after mofa saudi arabia. check also : 

Certificate of your mother’s marriage/divorce/father’d death:

The certificate of your father’s death in case if your mother is widow or the copy of your mother’s divorce. This need to be attested by Country’s county/state/corporation/municipal authority and Country’s Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi embassy to your home country. This need to be attested by the mofa Saudi Arabia. The copies (not originals) should be translated in Arabic approved translator.

An affidavit on a court stamp paper:
This affidavit should address to Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including mentioned your mother’s details:

  • A confirmation that she is divorced or widow.
  • The detail about your father’s death including date and city of death
  • Or the detail about divorce including date and city in case of divorce
  • Detail about other children including date of birth and full name
  • Confirmation that you are the only son on which your mother rely financially
  • This affidavit should also be confirmed by your mother that every information is mentioned on this additive is valid and she would face legal consequences if found guilty etc
  • Attest this affidavit from Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your mother’s country
  • The attested affidavit should be translated in Arabic by that country’s Saudi Embassy’s approved translator
  • Your mother’s marriage certificate should be also attested by the Saudi Embassy of your home country
  • This need to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

How to apply for your Mother/Mother in Law/Sister Visa in Saudi Arabia

Now make a folder of all the documents mentioned above and submit this folder to the Isteqdam office located IN or NEAR to the city. see also : How to Book Online Appointment for Istiqdam via Abshir Account MOI Make sure to submit this folder after one week of paying visa fee because it took about 1 week to process your visa fee through SADAD.

Once your file has been accept, it took regular working days to issue permanent visa to your mother. We wish Good luck to you on bringing your mother to Saudi Arabia safely.

  • Rean


    I applied this through istiqdam with all the documents mentioned above. But it is for my mother and father as they are above 60 and I am the only child. But the Istiqdam rejected the application by saying ‘you cannot get visa for parents, it is only for Wife and Kids”. They didn’t mention even if there are another procedure to follow.

    • Paki

      Rean, Did you take any Saudi with you?

      • Hi Rean and Paki, its very difficult to convenience to officer to give you visa. but its chance to get visa via istadam not online. you fi with full documents and request to officer if your company mandoob with you its going very high chance to get visa. mostly expatriates dont know arabic and not proper talk with officer thats why he reject your request.

        • Rean

          Hi, I went with our Company Government Relations Officer, who is a Saudi. We said everything to them, but they just rejected the application. They said, there is no such a rule to bring them in Resident Visa, take visit visit visa for parents.

          • Paki

            This is really very frustrating… Mr. Rean now what you’ll do?

          • Rean

            No Idea brother! they don’t consider the parents as family… 🙁

        • Paki

          SaudiBuzz, I want to know about medical insurance for my mother. My sponsor said he’ll not help me to get medical insurance for my mother, he said apply on individual basis and you’ll get good rate for medical insurance.
          I checked on Bupa website, they are charging SAR 9800/annual for GREEN category, which is big amount for me, kindly suggest other insurance company and that company should send medical data to jawazat for Iqama process.

          • Hi Paki, its very easy to check insurance companies dont take too much high package take normal. i used for my wife bupa (Green- S) its yearly cost around : 2800/SR to 3200/SR. if you need just iqama you will take any cheap insurance service.

  • Paki

    Hi, I am willing to bring my mother on permanent visa, can anyone got permanent visa for their parents?