11 Best & Top Places to visit in Jeddah 2016


Jeddah is one of the most commercial as well as entertaining and capital of Saudi Arabia which is located at the Red sea coast so it provides a huge amount of different aquatic entertainment as well as sightseeing in addition to the overabundance of shopping for tourist around the world.


11 Best & Top Places to visit in Jeddah 2016


The city has offered from traditional Arabic market to the ultra modern shopping malls. Just so you know the weather of this city is at its best in between October till May, however the Red sea make sure that the city doesn’t undergo from any extreme experience in the internal desert. So you can visit the plan anytime of the year you want.

Since Jeddah is close to Medina and Makkah around 4 hours drive away it is also known as the gateway of the two holy cities of Saudi Arabia. The capital city Jeddah also offers tourists a fascination into the country’s culture as well as rich history through its museums along with heritage centers besides there are a lot of leisure activities counting gardens, amusement parks, beaches in addition to water sports.

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1# Corniche Beach

Corniche Beach

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The most beautiful and stunning place of Jeddah is the northern Corniche beach also known as Red Sea shore. The beach is extremely gorgeous all day and specially in the evening. The sunset of the place at the sun sink beneath the Red Sea on the horizon is just so beautiful and million dollars view.

2# Balad

balad in jeddah

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Exploring this place of Jeddah is like stepping back in 1000 years earlier in time. This place is very important with respect to history because this is the place where Jeddah is found by a fisherman more than 2500 years ago. Balad is an amazing place to visit and explore so find out your own treasure in a lot of stones as well as palm wood lattices.

3# Kings Fahad Fountain

Kings Fahad Fountain

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When you visit Jeddah Corniche (كورنيش جدة), the stunning Fahad water spring fountain is must to visit. It is world’s biggest water fountain that cannot be missed by any chance it is built on the sea shore and looks amazing. Make sure you will not miss it while you visit Jeddah Corniche in the evening.

4# Floating Mosque

Floating Mosque in Jedah

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The Floating Mosque is another amazing place to visit in Jeddah located at the North Corniche. This is an amazing Mosque that floating in water and gives an extremely beautiful view. The interior of this mosque is stunning and also has provisions for hot shower in the season of winter.

5# Medina Gate

Medina Gate

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The full of rich history Bab Medina Gate is that one remaining city gate as well as shaped element of the old city wall. This wonderful, enormous city gate is made of strong limestone in addition to be entrenched along with corals. This gate looks pleasantly illuminated at night time.

6# Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Mall Jeddah

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The Red Sea Mall is one of a huge shopping mall which is located in the northern suburb of Jeddah in the Saudi Arabia. The mall covers about 242,200 square meters of space. There is also a lavish hotel attached to the mall which is called “Elaf Jeddah”. Main facilities of Red Sea mall are a Sparky’s Games City, Danube supermarket, and the Virgin Megastore. The mall has both the indoor water fountain and the largest glass covered area to stunt visitor. It is a beautiful mall.

7# Fakieh Aquarium

Fakieh Aquarium in Jeddah

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The Fakieh Aquarium (فقيه أكواريوم) is the only and most beautiful aquarium for the people in Saudi Arabia. It offers both the entertainment and education by presenting the wonders and lives of underwater life of the Red sea and brought from other oceans and seas around the globe. It has up to 200 wonderful species includes different colors fishes, sharks, sting rays, groupies, sea horse as well as Napoleon Wrasse.

8# Gallery one Jeddah

Gallery one Jeddah

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Gallery one is the beautiful art place where you can find different kinds of art from pop art to calligraphy. This place is perfect for art and culture lover. You can even buy artistic gifts for your loved ones. You can find amazing art work by some of the most famous and well known artists.

9# Silver Sands Beach

Silver Sands Beach

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One of the beautiful and fresh beaches you can ever go! “Jeddah silver sand beach” is another great attraction of Jeddah that tourists must visit no matter where they come from. This beach is so refreshing and the sand of this beach looks like silver and shine brighter in the sun. This beach gives a refreshing and soothing feeling best to go on sunny day and enjoy the beach along with sun shine.

Silver Sands Beach Resort (Jeddah) Video

video Source: Bobby Khaksari

10# Globe Roundabout

Globe Roundabout

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The globe roundabout is the “famous tourist destination in Jeddah” and also an important landmark. It is located at the junction of the king’s road along with another road that leads the airport. The globe of the roundabout is made up of glass with steel. The very famous Spanish architect Julio Lafuente design this roundabout.

11# Jeddah Light

Jeddah Light

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It is said that the Jeddah light is the tallest lighthouse in the world. It has a height of around 436 feet and located at the edge of the outer pier at the north of the Jeddah seaport. The lighthouse of Jeddah offers an outstanding range of 46 kilometer. It is also act as a control room for Jeddah port as well as harbor.

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