Download and Play Pokémon Go in Saudi Arabia


Pokémon Go goes viral on its first day of launch. The game is not new as it was also launched in 2001 but yes, the way it has to be played now is new and this is because of the new technology. To play Pokémon Go in Saudi Arabia, you need to download the game and start collecting Pokémon.


Each and every Pokémon will be appear on your mobile screen once you complete the challenge. The Pokémon Go challenges are usually related to complete a specific distance. The game know about this distance through GPS, that’s why it is necessary to keep the GPS and internet connection connected while you are playing the game.

Download and Play Pokémon Go in Saudi Arabia


Sadly Pokémon Go is not available in all part of the world including Saudi Arabia. But Pokémon Go in Saudi Arabia could be played by downloading Pokémon Go apk file directly through some third party website instead of iTunes official market or Google play.

How to download Pokémon in Saudi Arabia

You can simply download the game by visiting the application market through your mobile phone. But if the game does not appear in application market, then you can directly visit through following links:

For iOS users to play Pokemon on iPhone: 


Pokémon Go to play on Android : 


In case if you are still failed to “download Pokémon in Saudi Arabia”, then you can directly download APK file of the game through following link:

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