How to Get Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia 2016


Police clearance certificate is a certificate which required by many countries including USA, European countries, Canada and Australia if you want to visit their for work purpose. So if you are leaving Saudi Arabia forever as an expatriates and planning to movie in Europe, America or any other country for work and business purpose then it is very necessary to get police clearance certificate before you going on final exist visa.


How to Get Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia


Because it will become extremely difficult to get police clearance certificate once you leave Saudi Arabia.

You only required to get this certificate if you lived in Saudi Arabia on residential visa, work visa or business visa. For people who are visiting Saudi Arabia on the bases of visit visa or Hajj and Umrah visa does not required to get police clearance certificate.

Step 1: Apply for letter of endorsement

You can apply for letter of endorsement through your country’s embassy located in Saudi Arabia. You need to visit the embassy and fill the required form. The embassy main charge fee for this. Make sure to attach copies of your Iqama when applying for letter of endorsement. The time for this procedure depends on the embassy but it may take more than 1 week to process this letter.

Step 2: Visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Once you receive your letter of endorsement, you need to take this to Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( with the copy of your passport and Iqama. You will asked to fill a form, attach letter of endorsement copy with this form and submit back to Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with SR100/- fee. MOFA will attest this form.

Step 3: Visit the Police Station

Take your attested letter to near police station along with documents mentioned above. To get this work done fast, ask company government relations officer (Mandoob) to go with you to minimize the processing time.

Step 4: Collect your “Police Clearance Certificate”

Once the above procedures are done, the police officer will tell you about expected time and date to collect your police clearance certificate. Make sure that you visit by your own to collect your Police clearance certificate as it is required as per KSA law.

Tip: Once your received your police clearance certificate, it is great to translate it in English language and get attested once again from MOFA. This will help you future when you visit the other countries.

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