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Rain in Jeddah after a Very Long Time – 02 Dec 2016

Rain make beautiful Weekend in Jeddah 2016


Today, is the day of blessing. Today is Friday and it’s “raining in Jeddah”. Today is also a holiday. People are having a fun. Families are enjoying the rain in the park. Every one is happy today in Jeddah. We have waited a lot for this day.


It’s a been long time since it rained in Jeddah but now today at the day of blessing we are having a blessing of rain. There is water everywhere in the streets of Jeddah. People are uploading their photos on different social media platforms so lets take a look at those pictures.

Rain in Jeddah after a Very Long Time


Have a look at latest view from the KIng Fahad Road in Jeddah. Cars are getting washed, roads are getting wet and sky is covered with the beautiful clouds.


In Jeddah we always pray to God for rain and now God Has blessed us with rain. So today when you will offer a prayer, don’t forget to give thanks to Allah. It’s heavy rain from 7am in Jeddah. Most of the area of Jeddah is covered with clouds and only in few parts Sun is shining.

Lets have a look at some of the other photos too.

Someone has took this photo from the roof of his house. You can see clouds everywhere. What a wonder sight it is!


There’s nothing more beautiful to watch during rain in the world but the Sea. Clouds have covered the sea and the waves are getting motion.


Have a look at the latest photo from Khumrah, Jeddah. It’s water everywhere. It may be sign of the arrival of winter.


The most wonderful sight you can have after the rain is this. We don’t often get this.


At the end we are sharing some other eye catching images from the rain.




Jeddah Rain  Photos From Facebook


image via facebook (Adnan Haroon)


image via facebook (Adnan Haroon)


image via facebook (Adnan Haroon)


image via facebook (Hafiz Samad Virk)


image via facebook (Hafiz Samad Virk)

Jeddah People enjoy Rain


image via facebook (Furkan Ahmed)

Jeddah Rain Videos

1# Ice Rain in Jeddah via (Hannsi Omer)


share your photos in comments section. 

Lets pray this rain don’t harm anyone and it remain blessing for us. Stay safe. We hope you have enjoyed rain in Jeddah. Share this post with your friends too and if you want share your photo in rain with us then please send us. .

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