Reem Riviera Beach Resort – Beach in Jeddah for Foreigners


It is the time that all of you must have a look and check out this Reem Riviera Beach Resort Jeddah, it is an amazing beach and a resort too and you will love and like each and every corner of this beach. Its address is Obhur, Al Lulu, Jeddah 23821, Saudi Arabia and this beach and resort is one of the prominent recreational and entertaining sites so far in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if you are living in Jeddah and you still have not checked out this beach then just pack up your bags and make a tour of this resort right now.


This marvelous looking beach will give you the most special and memorable memories of your life. There is no doubt that this Reem Riviera Beach Resort is one of the exceptionally and also one of the delighting spot so far in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You will find this resort as one of the most beautiful and also one of the comfortable spots for the families and too for the corporate Staff.

Reem Riviera Beach Resort Jeddah


All About Reem Riviera Beach Resort

If you want to carry out some of the Business Conferences then this is the perfect Beach Resort for you because it can well provide and also complete and perfect comfort to your guests. It can give a perfect relaxation to all of your guests.

For the information, this subjected and particular beach and a resort is located and situated just on the right water front at this North Obhur, Jeddah. Once you will visit this beach, you will see and you will for sure get this perfect feeling that this Reem Riviera Beach Resort is one of the gorgeous beaches. It comes with an octagonal design sort of guest houses and all of the guest houses comes with all the complete package of luxuries. check also : Coral Beach Jeddah – Best Saudi Arabia Beach Resorts

Recreational activities At The Reem Riviera Beach Resort

On this beach, you can also visit the Amore cafe! You should know that this cafe is right away located and situated at the very center of this resort. This Amore Cafe comes with a variety in range of choices. You will have a tasty food. You can too carry out some of the large or it can be Small party arrangements too here at this cafe.

On this Reem Riviera Beach Resort, you can too enjoy the fun ride and too along with Jet ski! Make sure that you do not miss this recreational activity if you visit this resort.

This beach is also encompassed with the adult swimming pool and too with Kids swimming pool. So if you love to swim and you want to swim in a clean water then these are the pools best for you.
This beach and perfect looking resort is also surrounded with the villas. Recommand : Silver Sands Beach Jeddah – Everything You Need to Know

Facilities At The Reem Riviera Beach Resort

  • By being the part of this beach, you will get to enjoy many of the enjoyable facilities, you can have the view of the Sea Side, you can enjoy the walk in the Green Gardens and you can have a swimming session of yours in these Swimming Pools.
  • The best thing about these Swimming Pools are that they have been maintained with complete hygiene sort of condition and they are too designed in a perfect style of beach side. This beach and a resort has total four in number of Swimming Pools.
  • This area is surrounded with the Family Gardens as well and they are quite marvelous in looks. If you are looking for a picnic spot then keep in mind that this spot is the best for you. This resort has all the facilities of kids Playgrounds.
  • Yes, for all of the sports lovers, you will double like and love this Reem Riviera Beach Resort because this resort is all covered with the facilities of Indoor Games too like you can play Table Tennis, you can also play Billiards, etc. This resort has this floodlighted sort of Tennis Court and inducted and installed with Sandy Volleyball Court as well.

Services Offered by This Reem Riviera Beach Resort Jeddah?

  • You will get to check out this mini market, if you visit this resort and you have some family needs then this mini market can fulfill those market needs of yours.
  • This resort has these MovenPick corners so that they can give you the refreshing items, if you want to have Soft drinks or if you want to have Ice Cream and Cakes then these corners can help you out.
  • This beach resort is embedded with a Cafeteria too.
  • This beach organizes Children’s festival on each and every weekend.
  • You will get to enjoy lots and bunch of indoor and also Outdoor games over here.
  • This Reem Riviera Beach Resort Jeddah has also two of the Private Swimming Pools only for ladies.
  • For all of the sea fans, you can check out the spots and also sites for Divers and too Snorkelers, you can have a look at the sites of Windsurfers which are offered by this beach resort. like also : Best Private Beach & Resorts in Jeddah for Expats

Reem Riviera Beach Resort Address and Google Map


image via facebook


image via facebook


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Reem Riviera Beach Resort Address and Google Map

Reem Riviera Beach Resort
North Obhur, Jeddah,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 2 2340000
Fax: +966 2 2341914

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Yes, we can now say that this “Reem Riviera Beach Resort Jeddah” is covered and inducted with so many and large in number of recreational sites. It is a best one beach, it is an amazing looking resort. If you want to pass your time, if you want to relax yourself, if you want to do party with your friends then this beach resort is here for you. Take a tour of this beach and you will love and like it as a whole. Do not miss this chance because this beach resort can give you 100% entertainment. We are sure that now all of you know that this Jeddah place is also covered and surrounded with many of the best of the beaches and resorts. Once you visit this beach, you have to share your memories and too experiences with us. Enjoy checking out and touring this resort and stay tuned with us.

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