How To Refund Money from


If you have paid online for something like change in profession, Driving license but later your plan has been changed and you want the refund of your money then you have to follow the steps we will guide you today.


Today we will guide you that how to refund money from Ministry of Interior website. These guide steps are only for Saudi Arabia. We have this procedure easy for you by guiding you in simple English and by step by step method.



We hope our procedure will help and you will refund your money easily. But if you find any trouble then feel free to contact us.

Procedure to to refund money from

1. First thing you have to is to login to your Ministry of interior website which is known as Absher account.


You have to check whether you have money under your Iqama or not.  If you have money under your Iqama then you can claim for refund.


2. The next thing you have to do is login to internet banking account from which you have paid for the service.

NOTE: It must be your account so that you can refund money easily without any trouble. For every bank the process is same.

3. When your’e done with logging procedure move your mouse to the payment option which you’ll find on the left of your computer screen. You have to select Government Payments. From there select the service for which you have been paid and want to refund your money.


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4. After you have selected your service for which you want refund money then select Refund Service. After this a drop down list option will appear on your screen from which you have to select the desired service of yours. After selecting entering your Iqama number and the click on the Request. 


5. After this a new page will appear in front of you which will show you that your request for Refund money has been received. It is expected that you money will be refunded in 3 days.

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