How to Renew Driving License Online in Saudi Arabia


There are two different ways through which you can “renew driving license in Saudi Arabia”. You can renew driving license by visiting Muroor office of Dallah or you can do this process online as well.


How to Renew Driving License Online in Saudi Arabia


Things to do before “Renew Driving License online” in KSA

  • Pay all the traffic violation fines which are pending
  • Pay any renewal or delay fee which is pending
  • Your current driving license must have 180 days of validity
  • You already enrolled in MOI system through fingerprint and picture.

Procedure to renew driving license online in KSA

Step 1: Pay renewal fee through online banking or ATM (Whatever option is available for you). The fee for renew driving license in Saudi Arabia is:

  • 2 years Driving license renewal fee: SR 80/-
  • 5 years driving license renewal fee: SR 200/-
  • 10 years driving license renewal fee: SR 400/-

Step 2: Login to your MOI Absher account. If you have not registered for MOI Absher account then create one through official website of MOI


Step 3: Click on Renew Driving License option which is under E-Services on left side of the website under Traffic option.


Step 4: Follow the instruction mentioned on this page.


Step 5: In a new window tab, select the number of years(2, 5, 10) for driving license renew as per renewal fee you have paid and click next.

Step 6: The website will ask you for the confirmation. Click on confirm button and get your reference number. Make sure to print the page with reference number.

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Step 7: Visit muroor office of Dallah and submit the required documents which includes photograph and old driving license etc and fill the form to renew your driving license and stamped at reception. Within few minutes your driving license will be renewed.

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