Get Reward for Reporting Labor Violation in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is known as the land of opportunities, that’s why people all around the world came here in the hunt of job and run their own business. In past years, “Saudi Arabia has provided jobs” to million people but there are some people in Saudi Arabia which are using this law of Saudi Arabia for their own purposes which did not just hurt the economy of Saudi Arabia but also those people expats who came to Saudi Arabia in hope to get a job.


Recently Ministry of Labor and Social Development has comes up with a law. According to this new law, they will reward to those citizens and expatriates who will report about such activities where people are breaking the law of labor in Saudi Arabia.



This also made Saudi Arabia the first country who is rewarding people for reporting the crime which is specific to the labor. see also : Huroob Expats Banned to Enter in Saudi Arabia

Reward for reporting labor violation

The amount of reward is 10% of the total fine which will be paid by the criminal.

How to report labor violation in Saudi Arabia

To make this process easy, the government has launched online portal with name called معاً للرصد “Together to monitor”.

What type of labor violation you need to report in KSA

  • Recruiting workers without the permission of Ministry (law apply on brokers as well)
  • Selling and dealing with work Visa’s illegally and running a recruiting agency without permission
  • Employers who are signing contact on behalf of their employees without their knowledge
  • Labors working under direct sun light or in banned hours without using any precautions
  • Employers, employing men at the place of women’s job
  • Employers, employing expatriate on those jobs which are limited and specific to the Saudi citizens only.

Terms and condition of Maan application

  • You can only report about violation through Maan portal
  • Report should be reported within 30 days of violation otherwise no reward will be given
  • If a person has report wrongly 3 times, then the account of reported will be suspend
  • In case of multiple report of same violation by different people, the reward will be given to the one who has reported first.

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