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Sarawat Superstore Special Promotion – 19th Jan to 1 Feb 2017

Sarawat offers & Deals or Weekly Promotions Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


“Sarawat superstore” is a name of a reliable and one of the oldest and awesome superstore of the Saudi Arabia. Customers rely on reliable superstores since it was first introduced and the number of potential customers is increasing day by day.


Sarawat superstore provides great weekly and weekend promotion to its customer to get benefit from. Moreover, the superstore also offers many special and occasional promotional offers in which you can buy many useful products in discounted price. Many people wait for these promotions to open and they buy things in low price.



This special Sarawat store offer an amazing promotion in which there are many high quality famous brands products including milk, bread other dairy products, detergents, coffee, biscuits, chocolates as well as meet that you can buy only in 5 SR and 10 SR.

This offer valid from 19th January 2017 till 1st February 2017

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