Saudi Arabia at the 2016 Summer Olympics


Summer Olympics 2016 has been already begin in Brazil. Just like every time, the team Saudi Arabia is also participating. If you have followed the opening ceremony of Summer Olympics 2016 the I am sure that you have seen the crew of Saudi Arabia at the 2016 Summer Olympics.


There are total 13 athletics are participating this year from Saudi Arabia at the 2016 Summer Olympics which includes both male and female players. You will see them in different categories of sports and games including weightlifting, judo, fencing and different athletics. Following is the full list of participants from Saudi Arabia at the 2016 Summer Olympics:

Saudi Arabia


Sr. Player Sport
1 Sarah AttarS Athletics
2 Yousef Ahmed MasrahiY Athletics
3 Lubna Al-OmairL Fencing
4 Sulaiman HamadS Judo
5 Abdullah Abkar MohammedA Athletics
6 Ali Al-DeraanA Athletics
7 Kariman AbuljadayelK Athletics
8 Atallah AlanaziA Shooting
9 Tariq Ahmed Al-AmriT Athletics
10 Mukhlid Mahil F AlotaibiM Athletics
11 Joud FahmyJ Judo
12 Mohsen Hussain A. Al DuhaylibM Weightlifting
13 Sultan Mubarak Al-DawoodiS Athletics

At opening ceremony of Olympics 2016, the crew of Saudi Arabia comes up with traditional and national dress of Saudi Arabia including female players with Hijab. There are also Islamic dresses has been designed for sportswomen which are completely comfortable for the players. We wish team Saudi Arabia very good luck for Olympics 2016 and hope that they will being medals for the country when they return.

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