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Saudi Arabia Revises Visa Fees including Visa Fee for Hajj and Umrah

Saudi Arabia Visa Fees including multi entry, Re-entry/exit visa and more.


On Monday 8th August, The Saudi cabinet has announced new visa regime which includes number of new changes in visa fee of Saudi Arabia including visa fee changes for those who are coming to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah purposes.


Saudi Arabia Revises Visa Fees including Visa Fee for Hajj and Umrah


As per the revise visa fee, the government of Saudi Arabia will bears the visa fee for those pilgrims who are coming to KSA for the first time. A person who has visited Saudi Arabia already in past has to pay SR 2,000 for his single entry visa which cost about $533. This fee is applicable on all visitors including those who are coming for travel purpose, business purpose or to perform Hajj and Umrah except first time pilgrims.

Following is the complete details about the revised visa fee in Saudi Arabia

  • One time entry visa fee SR2000
  • Government of KSA will pay visa fee for first time pilgrims
  • 6 month multi entry visa fee SR3000
  • 1 year multi entry visa fee SR5000
  • 2 years multi entry visa fee SR8000
  • Transit visa fee for Saudi Arabia is SR300
  • Departure visa fee at seaports SR50
  • Exit visa fee for single 2 month trip SR200
  • Re-entry visa fee for single 2 month trip SR200
  • Re-entry/exit visa fee for every additional month is SR100
  • For 3 month exit/re-entry visa fee is SR500
  • Multiple Re-entry/exit visa fees for every additional month is SR200

The changed in visa fee was not the only agenda of cabinet, but they also revises and introduced new fines regarding to traffic violation according to which the fine for those who mortgage their drive’s license or IS is SR1,000 and the fine for car seizure (first violation for car drifting) is SR20,000.

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