2016 National Day Holiday on Thursday in Saudi Arabia


Thursday, September, 22 has been officially announced as holiday for “Saudi Arabia National Day” which will be fall on September 23. According to the Ministry Of Civil Services Saudi Arabia’s Twitter account that has announced holiday on Thursday (one day early) because its already holiday on Saudi Arabia’s “National Day 2016” on Friday.


The people of Saudi Arabia celebrates their National Day on 23rd of September every year because KSA which was unified by the late King Abdul Aziz in 1932.

2016 National Day Holiday in Saudi Arabia


Recently, the Saudis has already enjoyed the 10-12 days of holidays in past week due to Eid-ul-Adha and Hajj and some of the workers yet not returned to their work place because they was waiting for the next holiday of 2016 National Day. Many of employees were already disappointed because National Day is falling on Friday which is already weekly holiday day in Saudi Arabia. So, for such people this is a great news that they will get two holidays in this week because National Day’s holiday is being given one day earlier on Thursday.

The decision to give holiday on Thursday by Ministry of Civil Service is a great decision because as compare to other countries there are hardly any national holidays exist in Saudi Arabia. The people of Saudi Arabia only enjoy official holidays on 2 Eids and one holiday on National Day each year where there is no other official holidays by government exist in Saudi Arabia.


The official holiday on Thursday is wholly related to the public sector, the private sector may have different schedule regarding to National Day Holiday in Saudi Arabia.

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