Sawary Mall (الصواري مول) – Best Shopping Mall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


This Sawary Mall is a shopping mall located in this city of Jeddah. It is a grocery store. It is true that this city has so much interesting and exciting places captivated in it and among them we have this “Sawary Mall Jeddah”! (الصواري مول) If you are in love with shopping, if you cannot control your shopping habit then keep in mind that this shopping mall should right away be visited by you.


Go and grab all of your favorite and desired items and products from this mall. Here, more details and jam-packed information about this shopping mall will be given to you. Check out these below mentioned details:


Sawary Mall Jeddah

Location of Sawary Mall Jeddah

If you ever find difficulty in finding out this “Sawary Mall Jeddah” then here is this address for you: Shatey Mall, King Abdullah St., Jeddah. You should visit this mall, do give your feedback and comments as well. It is true that it is one of those malls that possess something special in it.

Address: Ahmad Al Attas, Al-Zahra’a, Jeddah 23425
Phone: 012 620 242

Special qualities of Sawary Mall Jeddah:

  • For the information, this subjected mall was opened and made in the year of 2000. It consists and comprises of several and wide in range of retail outlets. You should also check out its Sawary Super Store.
  • This mall is spread upto the area of 10,000 square meters. They have a bakery too that can well produce and come up with some fresh bread each and everyday. From here, you can get the finest and tasty patisserie cakes. These cakes are actually distributed to all of the other branches on a per day basis.

You should visit this Sawary Mall Jeddah:

  • In this mall, you will be having a food Market that comprises of a fresh baker. They come up with fresh produce and they are imported from Egypt and also from Lebanon.
  • You should visit their deli counter where you can have these fresh sandwiches and too salads.
  • If you are looking for the freshest meat in this city of Jeddah then this Sawary Mall Jeddah can give you that! From here, you can buy and have the fresh meat for yourself.
  • Their bakery also produces and make bread, they make pastries and too petits fours. You can try their other stuff as well. This Sawary Mall Jeddah makes use of the best ingredients and that too in an affordable price range.
  • They import their produce from the countries of Egypt and too Lebanon. You can get some International cheeses from here, they make salamis and too smoked salmon. You can try out their freshly prepared and best of the tasty and delicious sandwiches.



Do visit this Sawary Mall Jeddah and best of the grocery store. You will love it. Just keep in touch with us and we will give you more information about the other malls which are located in Jeddah city. Do rate this mall, you will love each bit of it. Visit it and then we are sure that you want to visit it again and again.

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