How to Send Money From Saudi Arabia to Home Country


Saudi Arabia is the land of opportunities. Many people comes here for work so that they can earn money for their family and give them a good life. Working abroad, away from your family puts more responsibility on you.


Our today article are for those hard workers who are working for their families away from them in Saudi Arabia. Today we will guide you that how can you send your earned money to your family in home country from Saudi Arabia. There are two different ways by which you can send money to home country. We will tell you about both of the steps.

How to Send Money From Saudi Arabia to Home Country


1# Sending Money through Banks

Visit any bank near to you. You will find a deposit slip there. You have to state on the slip that where are you sending money. Nowadays many banks in Saudi Arabia have their own remittance centers  which will convert Saudi riyals into your home country’s currency based on the current exchange rate. Charges will be applied for this transaction which is nearly 16/SR to 25/SR of one transaction. If you are sending money to Pakistan then many of the banks in Saudi Arabia will send your money free of cost because State bank of Pakistan which is owned by the Government of Pakistan will bear all the charges occurs for a transaction. Your amount will be credited in one working day.

If you don’t want to convert your money into homeland’s currency at bank then we will tell you about the remittance centers which will convert Saudi riyals to your motherland’s currency before you send money to your home. There are many remittance center currently working in Saudi Arabia but we will tell you about the top centers which are most used by the peoples like you who are at abroad for work. The name of these centers are below:

  • Saudi British Bank
  • Telemoney Centers
  • Tahweel Centers
  • Quick Pay
  • Speedcash Centers
  • Enjaz Centers

They all have a narrow difference in their exchange rate. For instance if one is offering at 0.4 the other will be offering at 0.6. These remittance centers are most used by foreigners.

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