Thuwal Beach (شاطئ ثول) – Best Public Beach in Jeddah


You need to drive about 80 KM in north to reach at Thuwal beach (شاطئ ثول) from Jeddah. The directions for Thuwal beach has been highlighted on highway, so finding the location is not difficult at all. If you are still unable to find the exact location then take my hint. Before Madina exit, there is a bridge where you will see signboard of Thuwal beach. Just follow the road to reach there.


Thuwal Beach (شاطئ ثول) - Best Public Beach in Jeddah


Thuwal beach is an eye catching place with peaceful environment. Amazing views with natural color of water and neat and clean places to sit and enjoy the view of beach. You will not found much people there as the beach is located 80 KM away from the main city. But the authorities has leaved a big space for parking. So, do not worry about a place to park your car there. The huts are also placed there for those families who want some privacy.

If you are bringing you kids to Thuwal beach, then it is an ideal place for them to spend their time with nature. They can play different outdoor games and sports there while building castle with the clean sand of Thuwal beach would give them an excellent experience.

The blue water of Thuwal beach attracts you to come near it. Do not worry about its depth as it is not very deep near the shore. You can also enjoy barbecue with your friends and family there.

All the necessary beach amenities are available there including separate bathrooms for the visitors. So, plan Thuwal Beach as your next weekend holiday spot if you are coming to Jeddah and living near by.

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Shops available where you buy all basic needs, like tea, water and other products. but its better you will bring with you some food like Kabsa, Albaik, or do it BBQ there and enjoy weekend there.

Thuwal beach Times 

its open 24hrs, but swimming time 10am to 6pm.

Thuwal beach time

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Thuwal beach Location & Google Map

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Thuwal beach saudibuzz

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