How to Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia


If you have made a plan of buying a “used vehicle in Saudi Arabia” then you also have to know that how to transfer its ownership.


Today, we will guide you that how can you “Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia”. If you are planning to sell used car then you should also read this.

How to Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia


The procedure is not so complicated but we will guide you in step by step procedure so that you can understand it easily. So lets start the procedure. see alsoHow to Renew Driving License Online in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia:

  1. First of all you have to buy a used car.
  2. The next step you have to do is to visit the office where ownership of the vehicles transfers. You have to visit the office with the person from whom you bought the car.
  3. The whole procedure only took few minutes.
  4. In office, the officer will check your required documents which are Original Iqama, Driving license and vehicle registration card.
  5. After a while a message from Ministry of Interior will be received to you that “Vehicle has been transferred to your name”. Seller will also receive a message that “Vehicle has been transferred from his name”.
  6. Charges of this procedure are 400/SR and some additional charges of third party insurance will be charged which 750/SR.
  7. Officer will keep the registration card of vehicle and provide you a printed paper which will have details of car mentioned on it.
  8. There is another procedure that you can visit any office for the transfer of ownership. They are expensive but won’t be crowded. Here you will required copy of Iqama, vehicle registration and driving license. The charges of transfer of ownership here is SR. 550 whereas third party insurance charges are same; SR. 750. The buyer has to left the vehicle there after the procedure and will receive a message next day from Ministry of interior that the vehicle has been transferred to his name. Now buyer have to visit the same office to get the vehicle registration card and his vehicle. check alsoNew Traffic Laws & Penalties in Saudi Arabia 2017

Warning! The buyer should stay alert and don’t break traffic rules just before picking up the car because at that time car has not been officially transferred to his name yet. Otherwise it can have a bad impact on transfer of ownership.

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