How To Transfer Family Under Your Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia


Today we are here to solve your very serious matter. You may be facing a problem that how to transfer family under your sponsorship? 


We will solve your problem today. We will guide you that transfer family under your sponsorship or iqama, which documents you required, which office to visit and what you have to do. We will explain you each and everything in point. We hope it will help you and your problem will be solved.

How To Transfer Family Under Your Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia


Documents Required

  1. Copy of your Iqama and Passport.
  2. Father’s Death certificate copy.
  3. Copy of Father’s Iqama and Passport.
  4. Copy of Iqama and Passport of whole family.
  5. Birth Certificate of Siblings (Translate it in Arabic Language).
  6. Write a letter in Arabic language in which you have to explain that why you want to transfer your family under sponsorship.
  7. Salary and NOC certificate from the company you work for. It should be attested from Saudi Chamber of commerce.
  8. General Organization for Social Insurance certificate. Salary you mention on it should match your salary certificate.
  9. If you have a sister and she is not married then you need letter of confirmation which should be in Arabic language. Married sister can’t transfer under sponsorship.
  10. Your profession on Iqama which should be good. For instance: Commercial manager.

Now you have to take these documents to jawazat office. Your documents will be verify from there and letter will be issued to you on the same day. Now you have to get confirmation letter from the court. Recommend : How to Add New Born Baby Under Your Iqama in Saudi Arabia

How to get Confirmation Letter from the Court?

To get confirmation letter you need:

  1. Letter that Jawazzat will give you.
  2. Original and copies of iqama. (Yours and Your family)
  3. 4 witness

Arrange all these documents and visit court. You will be registered there and will be sent in front of judge. If you can’t speak Arabic a translator will be arranged for you. If your situation is genuine then judge will ask you to sign witness paper. After signing court will issue you a letter. check also : How to Check Iqama Expiry Date or Validity Date Online

What to do next?

Visit jawazat office again with all documents(including letter from court). Submit all these documents there and you will be asked to come in few days. If your case has been approved a final letter will be issued to you to complete the final step. see also : Online Fingerprint Registration of SIM Card via Wthiq (

What is the Final Step?

After getting final letter from jawazat office, following things will be required:

  1. Fingerprint enrollment of your family. If it’s not then take all of your family fingerprint enrollment department where you have to enroll their fingerprints.
  2. Transfer form of each family member. Form should be filled.
  3. Original and copies of Iqama of whole family.
  4. 2 Passport pictures of all family members.

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Now take all of these documents and final letter and visit jawazat office for the last time. All members will be transfer under your sponsorship immediately. You will get SMS notification. You also check online on you Absher account.

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