Who Can Transfer Sponsorship Without Kafeel Approval


In Saudi Arabia most of employees don’t know that they can transfer sponsorship without the approval of their current sponsor or kafeel. The Labor of Ministry made this possible because some employers in Saudi Arabia are violating the basic labor rights by not paying them salary on time etc.


There are some conditions which you need to fulfill if you want to transfer your sponsorship without the approval or without even informing to your current kafeel. The detail about these conditions has been mentioned below

Who Can Transfer Sponsorship Without Kafeel Approval


Red and Yellow Nitaqat Categories:

If your current employer fall under red and yellow nitaqat categories of sponsorship then you can take advantage of transfer without your current employer approval and work in other company easily.

How to Check Iqama Status Nitaqat (Red Green Yellow)

Employer failed to provide Iqama:

If you are in Saudi Arabia and it has been 3 months and your employer is failed to provide you Iqama or Muqeem card then you have option to move to another Kafeel without the approval of your current sponsor.

Employer have not paid salary:

In case, if your employer has not paid you salary from more than 3 months, then as per new law, you are free to join another company without approval of your current sponsor.

Found a better opportunity:

If you just arrived in Saudi Arabia and got a better opportunity and your employer is in Red or Yellow category then you are free to move to new kafeel but you need to inform labor office about your situation.

If your Kafeel did not renew your Iqama:

If your Iqama or muqeem card has been expired or it is about to expired and your current sponsor did not renew it, then you have option to transfer to new sponsor with the help of labor office.

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