How to Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)


Getting driving license in Saudi Arabia is bit a lengthy process but this has been created for the safety of people. But the good news is that, you don’t need to pass written and interview test to get “driving license in Saudi Arabia”.


We have recently shared the tutorial How to Apply for International Driving License in Saudi Arabia. This tutorial is created for Saudi residents and citizens to get permanent driving license.

How to Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia


Unlike international diving license, this is a different process to apply for driving license in Saudi Arabia.

Limitations for driving license in Saudi Arabia:

To apply for diving license in Saudi Arabia, the minimum age should be 18 where the women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia so this opportunity is only for male residents of Saudi Arabia only.

Documents required to apply for Driving License

You need to required the following five documents to apply for driving license in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Your original resident ID or Iqama along with its photocopy
  2. Your blood test report which states your blood group from any dispensary in KSA
  3. Four passport size photographs
  4. Photocopy of your passport including visa page is you came from some other country
  5. The fee receipt of driving license you have paid.

Note: If you already have driving license in your home country, then you need to translate it into Arabic language, it will help you to get driving license easily.

Saudi Driving License Fee:

There are different fee for driving license in KSA and it’s depend on the number of years. For example, if you want to get driving license for 10 years then total fee would be SAR 400 where fee for five years driving license is SAR 200. You can also get driving license for SAR 80 only but validity of this license will be only 2 years.

  • 10 Year : 400/SR
  • 5 Year : 200/SR
  • 2 Year : 80/SR

You need to pay this fee through only online banking system or through ATM which means that you have to also open an account in Saudi Bank for this purpose or if you don’t want to, then you can use your friend’s online banking account to pay your driving license fee.

Make sure to print the copy of payment you made because you need to attach this printed copy of receipt along with other documents.

Process to apply for driving license in Saudi Arabia:

Dallah driving school:

Once you don’t with above procedures, you need to visit “Dallah driving school” in morning. Make sure to reach at school before 7am. There would be number of people who will approach you at Dallah driving school for license payment. If you have already paid your driving license fee like I have mentioned above then you dont need to turn to them but if you have not then you can take their help for this purpose. They will charge up to SAR 30 for paying your driving license fee online.

File creation:

The next step is to create the file which contains all of your necessary documents. You can take help from agent for this purpose at Dallah driving school, There fee for file creation is no more than SAR 10-20. If you don’t know Arabic language, then you should take hire them for file creation because it need to be filled in Arabic language only.

Eye sight test:

The option for eye sight test is available at Dallah driving school KSA. You need to go to eye sight testing section along with your application. Once the eye sight test then, the person will stamp your application and send you for the first trial in which you have to drive the car along with instructor. The instructor will ask you all of these in Arabic language only.

First trial:

The person may ask you to show him you’re Iqama ID for confirmation so make sure to have your Iqama along with you. The instructor may ask you to drive car for him. He may also ask you to reverse, right, left and stop the car etc. If you success in this test, then he will give you grade “Alif”. The grade Alif means that you are ready for the final driving test. If you did not pass this test then you have to make new file in 2-3 days to get driving license in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi driving license computer test:

You need to pass computer test to qualify for the final driving test. For this purpose, you need to attend a class in which the teacher will teach you about the driving rules, violations and other basic things. This will cost you SAR 100. The duration of this class is no more than 3 hours. Once you pass the driving school computer test, you will then qualify for the final trial.

Final trial:

Passing the final trial means you will get your driving license on the spot. You need to submit your documents one you pass the final trial and the instructor will give you your driving license on the spot within few minutes of wait.

Note: If you failed final trial, then you get a new date for the test where failing final trial three times will required you to start the process from beginning.

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