How to Apply for First Iqama in Saudi Arabia


Iqama is a residence permit in Saudi Arabia for those people who are coming to Saudi Arabia on working and permanent family visa. Once you entered in Saudi Arabia on the bases of your employment visa, it is necessary to get your valid Iqama within 90 days otherwise Saudi government has right to deport you to your country even if you’re working visa is valid.


How to Apply for First Iqama in Saudi Arabia


Getting Iqama in Saudi Arabia will benefit you at number of places. For example, you can sponsor your family, go for Umrah and Hajj, get driving license and do all other legal activities which are permit for Saudi citizens only.

As per Saudi Arabia law, article 40.1, it is the duty of your employer to apply for your Iqama. In case if your employer failed to get apply for your Iqama, then government will penalize him. So, it is necessary to keep remind your employer about your Iqama and also help him to fulfill the requirements of Iqama.

Procedure to Apply for First Iqama in Saudi Arabia

There process of getting Iqama may take up to 15-30 days but the applying procedures for Iqama are not difficult or lengthy at all.

1 – Medical Test:

When you came to Saudi Arabia, you already go through with medical test in your country. But Saudi government wants to check you again to confirm that you are medically fit to work in Saudi Arabia. So, your first step would be to approve medical test center for this purpose. The medical test does not cost more than SR 200 per person where the tests like HIV/AIDs, TB, eye sight, hearing and test of cholera includes. Doctor will send this medical report directly to Ministry of health. You can also check your medical test report for Iqama through MOH website Click here. You need to enter your Nation ID number and mobile number to get detailed report of your medical test.

Note: If you are a professional like Engineer or accountant then you need to register yourself with Saudi Council of Engineering or Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) before you go through the medical test procedure.

2 – Health insurance:

It is necessary to get health insurance for Iqama. For this purpose, you need to submit 2 passport size photographs and copy of passport to your employer. He will apply for health insurance on your behalf.

3 – Fee of first Iqama:

The standard fee of Iqama is only SR 500 plus SR 150 for HRD which you or your employer needs to pay. Employer may also pay SR 2400 for issuance of Iqama.

4 – Correction of spelling on Iqama:

Once your employer paid fee for first Iqama, you will receive your Iqama with 2-3 weeks. Make sure to check the spellings of your name and other details mentioned. The details should be match with your passport including spellings. If you found any mistake on your Iqama, then return your Iqama as soon as possible for correction of spellings and other details.

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