How to Find Border Number in Saudi Arabia Online


You need border number in Saudi Arabia for many reason. You may require it to bring your family to Saudi Arabia on visit visa or for many other reasons. If you don’t know about your border number then today we will help you to find out your border number. see also : Mom/ Mother in Law Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia


The procedure is very easy. You can find your “border number online or offline”, it depends upon you that which method you would like to follow. We will guide you both procedure. So lets start it.

How to Find Border Number in Saudi Arabia Online


How to find Border Number Offline

When you enter Saudi Arabia, immigration officer writes your border number on your passport but sometimes immigration officer forgets to write it on your passport. If this happens, you have to visit airport to get it written. We suggest you online method as you can do it by sitting at your home. You don’t visit any place for this. see also : How to Apply Online E Visa Bahrain from Saudi Arabia


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How to find border number Online in Saudi Arabia

This method is valid only for those people came through visit visa. To find your border number online you have to login to your Abshir Account. If you don’t have Abshir account then follow these steps to make it. => How to make Abshir Account.

You can login to Abhsir account from Ministry of Interior website.

sbClick on the highlighted box to login to your account.

Once you login to your account, the next step you have to do is to move your mouse cursor to eService . From there you have take your mouse to the Passports, a new box will appear. From this box select Extend Exit Visa. The screenshot below will help

A new message box will appear. Read all terms and conditions and then click on Proceed button below the page.


Now details about your visa will appear on the screen. You can see your border number in these details. Copy your border number or take screenshot or write it down.


If you want to know more about your visa then click on more details.

This is the most easiest and appropriate way by which you can check your Border number. We hope this will help you but if you still find difficulty then tell us about that. check also : How to Get Dubai Visa for GCC Residents Online (Saudi Iqama Holders)

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