How to Check Final Exit Visa of Saudi Arabia


It is always sad to leave Saudi Arabia; the land full of opportunities. But it is compulsory that you exit the country fairly so that if you ever get another opportunity you can come fairly. So for this we are going to guide you today that how to check your “final exit visa status for Saudi Arabia”.


There are two different ways by which you can check final exit visa; You can check it on Ministry of Labors website or Ministry of Interior website. It is better to check by both ways for your confirmation. We will guide you both ways step by step. So, let began with Ministry of interior website.

How to Check Final Exit Visa of Saudi Arabia


Final Exit Visa on Ministry of Interior Website

1.Open Ministry of Interior website. (MOI.GOV.SA) and this page will appear in front of you:


If you see Arabic language on the page then you can change it to English from option from the top of the page.

2.From Electronic inquiries tab you will see an option of Passport. Move your mouse cursor to that option and select Public Query of Exit/Re-Entry Visa Status from Passport option. The screenshot below will guide you to how to do this.



3.When are you are done with step 2 then this page will appear in front of you:


4.When the page gets open you have to enter your Iqama number, Sponsor ID and Image code. You also have to enter your visa number and passport number. and it is compulsory. The screenshot below will guide you where to enter which code.


5.After entering the data in the boxes, press enter or click on the view button. A new window will appear in front of you which will tell you that whether your exit visa has been issued or is in progress.

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