How to Check Traffic Violation Fines in Saudi Arabia Online


There are different ways though which you can check your “traffic violation fines in Saudi Arabia”. You can call direct on help line or use your online banking system to know about your traffic violation where you can also check this through Abshir and MOI account.


Following is the complete details has been written step by step to help you to understand that how to check traffic violation fines in Saudi Arabia.

How to Check Traffic Violation Fines in Saudi Arabia Online


How to check traffic fines through Abshir Account

Step 1: Login to your Abshir account though MOI website.

Step 2: Click on your profile picture. This will be at the right top of the website.

Step 3: When you reached to new page, you will see a traffic violations section. From here you can see your traffic fines.

How to check traffic fines through MOI

Step 1: Open the traffic fine page through MOI website. Click here for the direct link.

Step 2: Now enter your Iqama, Muqeem number or Residence ID number.


Step 3: You need to enter the CAPTCHA to verify your identity.

Step 4: Click on view to see your traffic fines.

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How to check traffic fines through online banking in Saudi Arabia

Through online banking and ATM, you can check your existing traffic fines. For this purpose you need to follow the following steps:

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Step 1: Go to Bill Payment section of your bank.

Step 2: Find Bill payment for MOI.


Step 3: Now see Traffic Violations section through drop down menu.


Step 4: Enter your Iqama number and click on Check.


You will see the amount and number of your traffic violation. If you don’t have one then the balance will be Zero. check also : How to Renew Driving License Manually in Saudi Arabia

How to check traffic fines through calling in Saudi Arabia

Call 989 from your mobile and follow the direction the computer told you but in case if you don’t understand it due to language gap then:

  • Press 2 to select English language.
  • To check your traffic fine, you need to press 1.
  • The computer will asked from you to dial your Iqama or Muqeem number followed by #.
  • To confirm you Iqama or Muqeem, you need to press 1.
  • You will instantly got breakdown of your existing fines.

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