How to Claim Insurance after Accident in Saudi Arabia


Day by day, the number of traffic accidents are being increased in Saudi Arabia. The main reason behind this is the violation of traffic law. To make people follow traffic laws properly, government has also increased the traffic violation fines early this year.


If you want to claim insurance after accident in Saudi Arabia, then you need to follow few steps otherwise the insurance company will not give you insurance money. Following is the process of claiming insurance after “traffic accident in Saudi Arabia”. see also : How to Check Vehicle Insurance Online in Saudi Arabia

How to Claim Insurance after Accident in Saudi Arabia


Report accident to Najm

Najm is a company in Saudi Arabia who will investigate accidents and issue a letter for insurance claim on the condition of the vehicle after accident and on the basis of other important facts like who was in the mistake and speed etc. check also : Abdul Latif Jameel Used Cars for Sale in Jeddah


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So you first step should to call Najm and report about the accident.

  • Dial toll free number 920000560 from your mobile at the accident sport.
  • You will need to provide information which the customer service will asked from you. This will include information like Iqama number, driving license, vehicle number, insurance company name, accident location and so on.
  • You also need to tell that whether your vehicle can be move or not after accident.
  • You will be given a case number. Note it down because it will be used in further procedure by Najm and insurance company.

Visit Traffic Police Station (Maroor)

  • Visit police statement along with the letter issued by Najm. This will contain details regarding to the vehicle accident. You also need to take your Iqama, insurance and driving license along with you. It is highly suggest to take someone who can speak Arabic on your behalf in police station if you can’t speak Arabic.
  • The insurance claim will only be accepted if your vehicle insurance at your name.
  • Once police confirm you documents and letter from Najm, traffic police will issue a new letter to you as confirmation letter that your letter from Najm has been accepted for maintenance.
  • The complete process time for this procedure main take up to 2 hours.


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Visit maintenance shop

  • Visit the car maintenance shop along with the confirmation letter issued by police. You need to visit only those maintenance shop which has been approved by Traffic Police Department. This shop is called “Sheikh Warash”. You will get 3 quotation from the shop once they done with the examination of your vehicle.
  • If your car is badly damaged then you need to visit approved maintenance shop which is called “Sheikh Murad”.
  • The maintenance shop will give you quotations and list of spare parts which need to be replaced.
  • You will take the quotation and purchase the spare parts. Only visit only recommended shops by maintenance shop. You will pay SR 50 for per quotation.


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Visit insurance company to claim your insurance

  • Once you don’t with above steps. Now you need to visit the office of insurance company where your vehicle has been insured. They will asked from you to submit copies of Diving license and Iqama. You also need to submit certificate issued by Najm and approved by traffic police and letter from the maintenance of the vehicle from traffic police.


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Once insurance company complete the process, you will be given a date to collection amount which you have used for maintenance of your vehicle. see also : How to Renew Driving License Online in Saudi Arabia

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