Emergency Contact Numbers in Saudi Arabia 2016


Emergency could be happened at any time of the day. This specific post is created to provide you the list of “emergency contact numbers in Saudi Arabia”. This list does not specific to government or public center emergency contact numbers in Saudi Arabia but I have includes all the important numbers which you need to have in your mobile phone saved to get help in the time of emergency.


So, if you are resident of Saudi Arabia or coming to Saudi Arabia for travel and tourism purpose then note down these emergency contact numbers right now to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Emergency Contact Numbers in Saudi Arabia



The following list of emergency contact numbers of Saudi Arabia includes the numbers of public and private departments of Saudi Arabia including toll free numbers of popular companies. The emergency contact numbers in Saudi Arabia are free and you won’t be charged for any money for calling on these numbers.

Emergency Contact Numbers in Saudi Arabia
No Services Local Number
1 General Emergency Number 112
2 Ambulance (Medical Emergencies) 997
3 Fire / Recue 998
4 Police (Crimes / Robbery) 999
5 Traffic Police / Traffic Accidents 993
6 Telephone Information Directory 905
7 Al Jawal (STC Cellphone Service) 902
8 Landline (STC Telephone Services) 907
9 Saudi Post 920005700
10 Saudi Customs 4013334
11 Civil Defense 4792828
12 NAJM (Accidents without injuries) 920000560
13 Highway Patrol (highway emergencies) 996
14 Coast Guards (Navy relief) 994
15 Natural Disasters (Inquiring and Reporting) 966
16 General Investigation Department (Terrorism / Breach of National Security) 990
17 Administrative Investigation Department (Bribes / Corruption) 980
18 Drug Enforcement (Drug distribution / Addiction) 995
19 Al’Haia’ah (Virtue Commission) Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice General Directorate of Passports  920000980
20 (Passport Issuing- Regulation of Travelling) 992
21 Trade Control(Trade Control Violations) 8001241616
22 Food and Drug Authority (Expired food and drugs) 012759222
23 Human Rights (Human Rights Abuses) 012102223
24 Municipality (Road repair / Littering / Sanitation) 940
25 Wildlife Preservation (Illegal Hunting / Reservation violation) 014414333
26 Water (Water Service) 8004411110
27 Electricity (Electricity Service) 933
28 Mobily (Mobily cellphone service) 0560101100
29 Zain (Zain cellphone service) 0590000959
30 STC DSL Service 906
31 GO (GO Internet Service) 920017175

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