22+ Famous Jeddah Roundabouts or Sculptures


No doubt that Jeddah as being one of the famous Holy cities of Saudia Arabia is one of the main attractions of the whole world. But at the same time you would not be aware of the fact that this place of Jeddah is holding some amazing roundabouts and sculptures in its category! Do you want to know about them all? Well, some of the famous Jeddah roundabouts and sculptures are Al-Falak Roundabout, Al-qiblah Sculpture jeddah, Al-Saroukh I sculpture jeddah, Al-Tahlyah Roundabout, An Nawras(Gull) Roundabout as well as amazing Bicycle Roundabout along with Cars roundabout, Compass Roundabout or Engineers’ Tools, Flags of Victory Sculpture, Flying Carpet Roundabout Jeddah in addition to Globe Roundabout, Hand Roundabout, Heart Sculpture jeddah, Holy Koran SCULPTURE jeddah as well as stunning Jeddah Camel Obhur Roundabout, amazing Knowledge SCULPTURE jeddah, breath-taking Lanterns and Tap, Seashell Roundabout,




The Verse Boat Roundabout and so many more to talk about. If you would be giving a look at each single sculpture you would find that all of them are carried out with the worth mentioning designing and creative impressions in them. Each single sculpture has its own story and inspirational terms that would make you fall in them with all of them.

For example, there is a sculpture by the name of “Flying Car Magic Carpet” that is all set with the flying carpet along with the car on top of it. How interesting it is! If you ever visit Jeddah then make sure that you do give a visit to all these brilliant roundabouts and awesome created sculptures!

Famous jeddah roundabouts Do you see before ?

1# Flying Carpet Roundabout Jeddah

The Magic Carpet sculpture is located on top of the large traffic island on the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Street. This sculpture is very much designed in interesting way that features the flying carpet with the car on top of it. This sculpture has been designed by using the Concrete and mosaic. It highlights the theme of transport.

Flying Carpet Roundabout Jeddah

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