How to Get GOSI Certificate Online in Saudi Arabia


General Organization for Social Insurance or GOSI certificate is an important document in Saudi Arabia which confirm about your social insurance status and also can be used by different government departments as a proof about your employment in Saudi Arabia including the history of your employment.


The calculation of “GOSI certificate” is based on different formulas on the bases of your passport and nationality but generally the formula of GOSI is based on your basic earning and housing allowance. There are different GOSI certificates for Saudi Nationals, Nationals of GCC and Non-Saudi Nationals. But the purpose of all of them is almost same and there isn’t much difference.


Procedure to Get GOSI Certificate Online:

To get GOSI certificate, you must know about your contributor ID. If you do not know about your contributor ID, then dont worry because you can get detail about this directly by calling to GOSI on their toll free number which is 8001243344. Simply tell them about your ID number or any other information they ask (usually Iqama number) and they will confirm you about your contributor ID.

Step 1: Visit GOSI official website and click on English from top left side of the website.

Step 2: Click on Register in GOSI if you are not already registered.

Step 3: On next page, you will see three option to get registered on GOSI website. You need to click on Contributor. Or click on this link to visit on the page.

Step 4: Fill the registration form and submit to get confirmation about your registration through SMS.

Step 5: Once you don’t with registration, the next step is to login to GOSI website by using login details which you received through SMS.

Step 6: Once you login to your GOSI account, you will see number options. You need to click on “Generate Certificates” options. By clicking on this option, you will see the option of print and save. Click on print to get the hard copy of your GOSI certificate.

A certificate which has been downloaded and printed through official website of GOSI is electronically generated certificate which does not required you to get stamped further but you can ask your employer to stamp if it is still required.

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