How to Get Hajj permit for Family Visit Visa Holders


If you are living in Saudi Arabia as an expatriates then you can invite you family to visit you at Saudi Arabia through family visit visa. You can read the procedure how to apply for family visit visa through this link. There are more than 200 profession who are allow to invite their family in Saudi Arabia for both visit and permanent resident.


How to Get Hajj permit for Family Visit Visa Holders


But the duration for visit family visa is maximum 180 days or 3 months in other words.

Most of people prefer to invite their family near the month of Ramadan because this allow them to visit Makkah and Madina for worship. But on other hands many people invites their family near the month of Hajj so that they can take their families for Hajj purpose which is actually illegal in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj without Hajj permit. For this purpose, Saudi government has actually banned to issue visit visa near the month of Hajj.

Before one month ago of Ramadan, you can not invite your family to Saudi Arabia for visit purpose. This is to make sure that there is no family exist in Saudi Arabia on Hajj days on the bases of family visit visa.

Somehow if you able to invite your family near the Hajj days and take them to perform Hajj without Hajj permit then you can be fined or even deport to your home country. Click here to know the penalties to perform Hajj without Hajj permit.

The only legal ways through which you family can perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia is to get Hajj permit from their home country with the help of Hajj agents. Otherwise, it could be problem for you and your family.

There are number of fake and illegal agents who are working in Saudi Arabia and ask you to money for Hajj permit of family visit visa holder. Don’t trust on them as there is no such thing exist. They lie for the sake to earn money.

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