2016 Hajj Registration Process for Saudi Local Pilgrims


Follow our step by step guide to know the Hajj registration process for local pilgrims. This step by step guide for the Hajj registration process for local pilgrims includes the online procedure through official website of Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia and also has details about how to pay Hajj fee, complete registration form, find the list of registered travel agents from Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah.


2016 Hajj Registration Process for Saudi Local Pilgrims


Before you start learning the Hajj registration process, make sure to check your status of Hajj Eligibility Online.

Hajj Fees Saudi Arabia 2016 for Local Pilgrims:

Hajj fee for year 2016 has been revised but there is no revision in official Hajj packages which are same and mentioned below:

  • Normal Hajj fare package starts from SR8161 to SR7561
  • Low Hajj fare package by bus starts from SR3897 to SR3297
  • Low Hajj fare package by train starts from SR4147 to SR3547
  • Moyassur Hajj fare package has fixed price of SR3015.

How to Apply for Hajj local pilgrims in Saudi Arabia:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Ministry of Hajj https://localhaj.haj.gov.sa/.

Step 2: Select the language, currently the website is available in English and Arabic.

Step 3: Click on Packages and Reservation option from the top of the main menu.


Step 4: Select the Hajj package on the bases of Hajj fee among Normal, Lower and Moyassur Hajj package.

Step 5: You will be asked to entered the required information which includes number of male and female pilgrims, city and type of Hajj package. Click on submit button when you fill this form.



Step 6: Based on your selected city and other information, the list of Hajj companies will be appear including other details like Food, Transportation, housing, camp category, and camp code etc.

Step 7: Click on book button to reserve and register yourself for Hajj.

Step 8: Enter all the details required including Iqama number, date of birth, email, mobile number, nationality and gender etc.


Step 9: Once you fill the information, you will get instant result whether you are eligible for Hajj or not.

Step 10: You will get SMS on your mobile about the confirmation of your registration for Hajj.

Step 11: Deposit the Hajj fee in ministry of Hajj bank account. Bank details will be included in SMS you received.

Step 12: You will get SMS once you will receive a new SMS contains your contract number and date.

Step 13: Use Ministry of Hajj website and print your contract by entering mobile and contract number.


Step 14: Now print this contract and contact with the Hajj company along with your passport, Iqama copy, photograph and blood type etc. Learn more at about Which Documents Required for Tasreeh (Hajj Permit) for Saudi Residents.

Step 15: Sign the contract once agent confirm all the information.

Step 16: Once you done all the above steps, you are not eligible to collection you Hajj permit which is also known as Tasreeh.

Learn more about How to Check Hajj Tasreeh Confirmation and Genuine or Fake

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