Heavy Rainfall in Jeddah Saudi Arabia 2016


Winter is almost started in Saudi Arabia. Last week we have news about the snow in Tabuk which bring joy on the faces of people because its hardly get snow in Saudi Arabia.


Winter also bring the rain fall in Saudi Arabia. Today, it was rain in Jeddah due to which the temperature dropped a bit but not as much as we were expecting. Yes, its still hot in Jeddah,

Heavy Rainfall in Jeddah Saudi Arabia 2016


Early in the year we have news about the change in weather, due to which there would be heavy rain all around the country due to La Nina factor. La Nina is a complex weather pattern which happened due to variation in ocean temperatures. This pattern is not new for the world but as per the news, Saudi Arabia will face is after many years. That’s the reason behind the heaviest rains in Jeddah, Riyadh and other part of the country.

The rainfall in Jeddah was not very heavy as compare to year 2011 when its turn into the flood due to heavy rainfall of 120mm. Last time rainfall in Jeddah has changed the weather but this does not happened today (2nd December 2016) and weather is still hot. The maximum temperature was 29°C during the rainfall which dropped to 25°C but now the weather is normal in Jeddah which is 31°C maximum and 24°C minimum.

There is no chances of any further rain in next 7 days.


image via google weather

But the rain could be happened in other cities of Saudi Arabia, specially in Riyadh which is already in emergency state due to heavy rain and flood which cause 7 death in last 48 hours (saudigazette).

As per forecast news, you may expect more rainfall in Jeddah in coming week due to La Nina factor. So, stay safe and keep checking the weather before you plan something for travel and family entertainment outside like at beach.

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