How Much Cash Can You Carry from Saudi Arabia ?


If you are coming to Saudi Arabia or planning to go back to your country permanently or for temporary, then you must know about the custom rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia which could brings problem for you in case if you breach them.


Among all, cash is always a controversial item as it could be use for money laundering. That’s why every country has their own law and regulation to control the circulation of money at air port and set the limit of cash to carry when you are entering or leaving the country.

How Much Cash Can I Carry from Saudi Arabia ?


The custom department of Saudi Arabia is very strict in term to control the cash carrying amount at Airport while you are travelling because there has been number of cases related money laundry has been record each month at international airports of Saudi Arabia where punishment for breaching the law could permanently banned to you enter in Saudi Arabia in future or you could be jailed for limited number of years. So, you much know about the limit of cash allowed to carry in Saudi Arabia Airports.

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Saudi Arabia customs has set the limit of currency to 60,000 SR which is more than $15,000. But it does not mean that you can not carry the more money than 60,000 SR from Saudi Arabia’s Airports. You can, but you have to declare this in advance to customs. This limit on cash is set for both, those who are carrying out and carrying in the Kingdom.



The limit is not only set on cash but also on valuable metals like gold and silver and stones like diamonds etc.


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So, you have to declare to Custom, any valuable which cost more than 60,000 SR in Saudi Arabia.

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