What is Huroob in Saudi Arabia


Huroob is one of the serious matter which you should know about it if you are coming to Saudi Arabia for work purpose on the bases of employment visa. Huroob means that you are escape or absent from your work without the intention of your employer. As per Saudi Labor Law, it is important for employer to inform the authorities if one of their employee absent from work or run away from work from a specific period of time.


What is Huroob in Saudi Arabia


So, if you are going on vacation or could not come to work due to any reason, make sure to inform about this to your employer and also document it by getting sign of your employer on your leave application so that he can not mark Huroob on your Iqama.

Things you can’t do if you becomes Huroob

  • Your Iqama or Saudi permit will be canceled immediately
  • You will be consider illegal resident in Saudi Araba
  • Any document which is linked with your Iqama will be canceled
  • Your diving license, Hajj permit and other legal cards will be canceled
  • You will be send back to your home country through deportation center
  • You will be ban to travel Saudi Arabia for 5 years
  • Any benefit and right of legal employee will be cancelled.

Penalties for employer who failed to report Huroob of employee

Penalties are also set for those employers who does not report about absence of their employee on time. Which are defined as:

  • SR 5,000/- for not reporting first time
  • SR 10,000/- for not reporting second time
  • SR 15,000/- for not reporting third time.

What happened with Huroob employee in KSA?

The huroob employee has been deported to his home country as soon as the authorities find him. If the person is working some where else, then his own money will be used for deportation. The person banned for 5 years, in this time he can not apply for work in Saudi Arabia and also can not travel to Saudi Arabia even for travel purpose or for the purpose of Hajj and Umrah etc.

Misuse of Huroob provision

To make sure that an employer does not misuse huroob provision in Saudi Arabia. The government has set a law to manage it. As per Saudi labor law, the employer can not terminate and employee or add huroob on employee’s Iqama without an award or advance notice to him. Employee has right to write his reason for objecting the termination.

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