Saudi Arabia Launched “New Currency Notes” & Coins


The first Saudi Arabia currency was launched in 1935 after that, with the change of king the new currency notes and coins has been introduced which were different in term of size, color and design from the previous once.


It has been almost one year since the Saudi King Salman’s era has begun but the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has not introduced the new currency notes and coins with the mark of King Salman. Recently on 12th December 2016, SAMA has announced the new designs of Saudi Arabia currency with the mark of “King Salman” and his motto.


This currency is the 6th edition of Saudi Arabia currency which has been designed by SAMA. For the promotion of new currency, SAMA also streamed the live event of new currency launch on their website.

The paper notes of new currency has the motto of King Salman which is “Trust and Security” where you will also see the images of two holy mosques on new currency notes along with the image of king Salman. Although the new currency name launched changed the name of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency into Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority.

The currency notes of SR100, SR50, SR10 and SR5 has been introduced along with the new coins of 10 Riyal, 5 Riyal, 1 Riyal, 50 Halala and 25 Halala.

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The new currency notes also contain the security marks amid affirmation which is considered the most strongest security mark in “Saudi Arabia currency” till the date. This has been done to make it hard to forgery the new currency.

For the old currency notes, the kingdom has announced the period of one year. So, you can replace your old currency notes with the “new Saudi Arabia currency notes” till December 2017.

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