Saudi Arabia “Largest Human Image of a Country” Guinness World Record


I am sure that you know about many of “Guinness World Records made by Saudi Arabia” in past several years. But did you heard about the recent Guinness World Record the Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC) has made on Saudi Arabia’s National Day in 2016? Well, the company comes up with a great idea to give nation a new World Record by making world largest human image of a country.


Total 600 Saudis participated in this world record which took place in King Abdulaziz Complex (STC HQ) in Riyadh. All the participants was wearing the national dress of Saudi Arabia which is white thobe.

Saudi Arabia "Largest Human Image of a Country" Guinness World Record


The video has been recorded through drone camera by the officials of Guinness World Record Team who travel from London to verify this world record and award the certificate to the organizers of this world record in Saudi Arabia.

STC Group CEO Dr. Khaled Hussain Biyari said that this is not just a new Guinness World Record by Saudi Arabia but the main reason for organizing this world record is to show the example of unity and love among the country fellow. He also said that, this title expressed the love we have for this great country and was a perfect way to commemorate this occasion.

Largest human image of a country

 Guinness World Record by Saudi Arabia

Source : STC websiteGuinness World Records

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