Lotus – Best Compound in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Through this page, you will get the complete details about this “Lotus Compound Jeddah”. This is a housing compound and comprises of the 4 Lotus Compounds. These compounds are located and situated in Jeddah. As we all know that all of these Lotus Compounds, they offer and give us the most stylish kind of accommodation, they have these lush and extra ordinary looking verdant surroundings.


We have these three compounds and they are located at the locations in the city of Jeddah, one of the compound is located in Al-Khobar right in the Eastern Province. It is a fact that all of these compounds have become quite and much renowned and famous because of their features and services. Check out the details of these Lotus Compounds:


Lotus Compound Jeddah

Lotus I Compound

For the information, it was opened and came into view in the year of 1991. You must have seen that this compound has been built and created right within the perimeter of 24,000 m2 of this land. This compound has been surrounded and covered by this high wall. In this Lotus I compound, you will be having these 60 fully and wholly furnished bedrooms, you can make a stay in these air conditioned four of the bedroom villas and you will see that each of the floor area is of of 228m2. If we talk about the location of this compound then you must know that it is situated right in the Midtown Jeddah and in the Al-Hamrah District. It is just one kilometer west from the Madinah Road and you can also access it through this Arafat Street.

Lotus II Compound Jeddah, Located in the Western Province

It was opened and founded in the year of 1993. This compound II has48 units in this 8,460 m2 of huge and massive land. This compound is right there located and situated in North Jeddah right in the Al Naeem sub division off to this Prince Sultan Street. This compound is only and just less than 5 minutes of drive from King Abdul Aziz International Airport and too from The British Continental School. This subjected compound has12 X 3 stylish looking bedroom villas, it comprises of these 20 X 2- royal looking bedroom apartments and you can also make a stay in these luxurious looking 16 X 1-bedroom apartments.

Lotus III Compound Al-Khobar

You should also know that this Lotus III Compound was opened and founded right in the last quarter of the year of 1992. It consist of 90 two storey and three bedroom villas. Its total area is 27,000 m2 and its total floor area is 228m2. The Safety and the measures of security are given and provided by the PMDC.

Lotus IV Compound Jeddah

It came into view in the year of 1992. It was made and opened for NAVFCO, that is for the French Navy services. It has 160 villas in this 50,000 m2 of land. It is right there located in the North Jeddah and it is about 500 meters North of this Al Tareekh roundabout junction. It has these 41 X 4 Bedroom villas and most lush looking 71 X 3 bedroom villas. You can stay in its 47 X 1 bedroom apartments.

Website : http://lotus-sa.com/

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