Saudi Arabia New Visa Fee Country Wise


Government of Saudi Arabia has recently increased the visa fees including increase in visa fee for those who are travelling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah. The new visa fee is now SR 2000. Indeed, this is a big news specially for those Muslim countries where people took whole of their life to collect this money.


But there was no further information was officially issued by the government, whether this new visa fee is for every country or not. Today, we bring complete detail for you including the visa fee as per the nationalities.

Saudi Arabia New Visa Fee Country Wise


In summary of this post, the visa fee for Saudi Arabia is SR 2000 for most of the countries except there is least visa fee for travelers who are traveling from USA, Britain, Schengen countries and Turkey. There visa fee starts from SR 225.

Saudi Arabia New Visa Fee Country Wise

Saudi visa fee for United States of America:

The new visa fee for Americans is 400/SR and this visa fee will not increase even on multiple entries. Once you paid this fee, then you can travel as many as time you want within five years. Whether you are travelling for 5 years, one month or having multiple entry in Kingdom in one year, the visa fee will be remain same. check out : How to Apply Online E Visa Bahrain from Saudi Arabia

Saudi visa fee for Schengen Countries:

If you are Schengen Countries passport holder then you visa fee is only 250/SR. This visa fee is fixed as it is fixed for American passport holder. You can make multiple entries in Saudi Arabia with the same visa fee. check out : New Visa Fees in Saudi Arabia on All Categories

Saudi visa fee for British Nationals:

The visa fee for British passport holders is 510/SR. The same will apply for 6 months multiple entries. The visa fee for 1 and 2 years with multiple entries is SR 1950/SR.

Saudi visa fee for Turkish Nationals:

Turkish nationals have the least visa fee for Saudi Arabia which is 225/SR only for single entry and multiple entries in 6 month. In case of multiple entries in one year the visa fee is 5000/SR where for two year is 8000/SR.See Also : Family Visa Rejection and Increase Visa Fee in Saudi Arabia

Saudi visa fee for rest of the world:

If you are traveling to Saudi Arabia other than above mentioned countries then you visa fee is 2000/SR for single entry, 3000/sr for 6 month multiple entry and 5000/SR and 8000/SR for 1 year and 2 year multiple entries respectively.See Also : Saudi Arabia Revises Visa Fees including Visa Fee for Hajj and Umrah

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