How to Renew Driving License Manually in Saudi Arabia


We have shared the complete process to renew driving license online in Saudi Arabia. But not all expats have the access of internet. So, we decided to bring the manual process to review your driving license in Saudi Arabia.


Like online procedure, there is not much difference to “renew driving license in Saudi Arabia” manually and online. check also : How to Renew Driving License Manually in Saudi Arabia

How to Renew Driving License Manually in Saudi Arabia


Driving license renew fee in Saudi Arabia

  • 2 years Driving license renewal fee: SR 80/-
  • 5 years driving license renewal fee: SR 200/-
  • 10 years driving license renewal fee: SR 400/-

Requirements to renew driving license in Saudi Arabia

If you want to renew driving license in KSA, then make sure that you fulfill the following requirements: see also : How to Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia

  • You have paid all pending traffic violation fines
  • Driving license should have 180 days of validity
  • Already paid pending renewal and delay fee

Procedure to renew driving license manually in KSA

Step 1: Pay driving license renew fee according to the number of years you want to renew your driving license. This fee can be paid through SADAD payment system by using their agent or you can also pay through ATM and online banking as well. check also : How to Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)

You need to print the receipt of you have made payment online or have the receipt of payment to attach it with your application form. see also : New Traffic Laws & Penalties in Saudi Arabia 2017

Step 2: You need to fill the renew application form. You can get this form from the agents sitting outside Muroor office. This form need to be filled in Arabic language only. The agents who are sitting outside the Muroor office can also help you to fill this form. check also : How to Get Lost Driving License in Saudi Arabia

Step 3: Prepare your file by having the following documents:

  • 2 photographs with white background
  • Renew application form filled in Arabic
  • Receipt of payment you made to “renew driving license”
  • Copy of your Iqama
  • Expired driving license.

Step 4: Submit your file to Muroor office. The officer may asked you for eye testing form on different counter. Once you submit your application with all documents, your driving license will be renews within 10 minutes. similar : How to Get Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia

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