How to Report Accident to Najm in Saudi Arabia


Unlike other countries, it is important to report about road accident to Najm or Traffic police department otherwise it has been considered violation of law which can cause you heavy fine later. This strict rule of informing about accident has been set due to increase in traffic violation and number of accidents on road in Saudi Arabia.


So it is very important for you to learn about the process of reporting accident to Najm or traffic police in Saudi Arabia.

How to Report Accident to Najm in Saudi Arabia


If there is serious injury, death or fire on the accident scene then you have to report about the accident to the traffic police because only police can guide you what to do and reached at the accident scene for your help. If there is no casualty happened and only damage to the vehicle then you have to call Najm for this because they will provide you official documents which will help you to claim insurance.

Process of Reporting Accident to Najm

Dial the toll free number of Najm which is 920000560.
Select the desire language as per the guide of computer.
Provide all the basic information about your identity and the vehicle this includes the information like:

  1. Your name
  2. Iqama number
  3. Mobile number
  4. Number of car place
  5. Type of your car
  6. The name of insurance company
  7. Car insurance policy number
  8. The location of accident
  9. Any outstanding signs of the accident.

You may have to answer the other questions related to the accident which includes whether the car can be move from the accident place or not etc.

Once you done with the above procedures of “reporting accident to Najm”, you will be provided with a case number. You need to keep this number save including the date and time of the accident because this case number can be used later to get status about your accident at Najm and insurance policy claim.

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